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Let\\\'s color our lives again

The time when we could have a party together seems so far away. This waiting time, of daily uncertainty characterized by the constant question: "when will we be able to go back to life as it was before?" Let's start thinking about the After, instead.

We pamper our minds in the most beautiful memories, we adapt our present to the digital world, it's easy, useful, but cold behind luminous screens that allow us to share images, but not smells, perfumes, hugs, caresses, sensations, atmospheres.

We take refuge in the Beauty of the past but it is time to shake minds and create the future, different one, that awaits us.

Don't postpone dreams, let's make them come true.

I have been organizing weddings, parties, events for more than eleven years, but I am and I've always been in love with love, emotions, colors.

Today I share with you this feeling of creative ferment, the enthusiasm of new doors that are opening, of new challenges, new projects, new ideas for you, for your Events, for your most beautiful day.

And I couldn't find better photo to give an image to my thought.

New York, the balloons, the flags, the colors, the PARTY.

Let's go back to color our lives.

Thanks Pasquale Cuorvo for having "lent" me this shot.

Diana Da Ros

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Ideas and News

This Christmas 2020 will be different, we all know this. But let's not forget to write a letter to Santa Claus, it is a tradition and also a way to dream of those worlds that we have always imagined since childhood. Many of you are already following me on Youtube with all my tips for your Christmas gifts, but for those who have not yet subscribed to my channel here is the link:


Rule n.1: support Made in Italy (and even better if it is Handmade!)

Rule n.2: purchase directly from producers and shops that this year had to close, they are all reachable online or via whatsapp and deliver throughout Italy and abroad, support them!

Rule # 3: Let me inspire you...

Let yourself be inspired and fly high with the wonderful dragonflies by Chiara Vitale Atelier Kore (brooches, headbands, rings) and discover all her wonderful creations, dive into the magic of Alice Arighepois' artistic rainbows, dream of impossible worlds with the Paper Artworks by Laboratorio Mamu, delight yourself with the delicious Bon Bon Home Box by Loveday and with the chocolates by Charlotte Dusart, choose books, experiences for your presents, choose hairstyles and treatments at Etiria, choose a photographic portrait that will remain forever (ask me, I have amazing photographers for you!), take a tour on GodsavetheGift , you will find products and services at super advantageous prices! And if you are lokoking for occasions, do you already know WeddingStock? Take a look at this link: https://www.instagram.com/wedding_stock Discounted objects, decorations and furnishing accessories not to be missed! And if this Christmas you will receive the Engagement ring ... Well, Here I am, you know where to find me, the wedding planner of your dreams! Write to me at info@dianadaros.com and I will guide you step by step to realize your Dream, the most beautiful day of your life.

Never stop dreaming and celebrating.

You dream, I plan and make your dream possible and concrete.

Let Your Dreams come True!

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New Venue for Weddings and Events

Choose the perfect location.
This is one of the most important steps in Event planning process, whether it is a wedding, a private party or a corporate event.

For more than ten years I have been accompanying future spouses to the Big Day to make their dream come true.
My passion leads me constantly to discover places that are containers of Emotions, History, Art and Beauty.

So with great pleasure and emotion I'm honored to present Villa Rosa Malaspina, a new Venue for Events and Weddings, a charming aristocratic home dating back to the end of the seventeenth century surrounded by a 2-hectare park with lawns, greenhouse and old trees with direct access to the swimming pool and at the club house.

Spread over 3 floors, two of which are accessible to guests, the Villa can accommodate up to 130 guests inside and large tensile structures outside in the garden, ensuring maximum privacy by being inside a park so extensive that it is part of the property .
The villa is an oasis of peace, characterized by the harmony of the landscape and the poetry of the internal and external environments.

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Exclusive Weddings in a spectacular scenery

Yesterday, March 20th, 2020, the night before the first day of Spring, while the world stopped, in Lapland, at Kakslauttanen, a splendid Northern Lights illuminated the night sky.

After a season with rare sightings, it is curious that just when the world stopped, faced with an unprecedented emergency, Nature showed itself in all its beauty.

I was lucky to visit this wonderful place a few weeks ago, I was enchanted.

I would like to tell you about the silence, the shining snow crystals, the magic of the fireplace inside the Kelo Igloo where you can sleep looking at the stars, the emotions on husky safari sleds, the night excursions in the woods with snowmobiles, the sense of infinite peace that is perceived everywhere in Lapland.

I would like to tell you that this is a splendid destination to celebrate your Wedding or the renewal of vows, at the Ice Chapel or at the igloo chapel or at the Santa Claus wish bridge ...

One of the trips to do at least once in a lifetime and it could really be the special occasion to say "Yes" in a spectacular place.

For the more fortunate, a Northern Lights to crown your Dream.

Start dreaming, I'm here to take you there...

Diana: info@dianadaros.com

Photo credits: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland

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Emotions at Garda Lake

Usually I tell and make come true the stories of others, but today I tell you a very personal story,

an important celebration, my 10 years of marriage with Ciarly, my sweet half, my lighthouse, my guide, my great love, the fantastic dad of our amazing son Leone.

Many of you know that Ciarly and I met and fell in love back in 2003 in Pollina, Sicily... And from there on the road we did a lot together, we grew up on a wonderful path, made of great joys but also of great fears and pain, but we have always faced everything together, hand in hand. Our heart's place has always been Lake Garda, where we got married on June 27, 2009 ... An unforgettable day. (I believe many guests still remember it ...)

When we discussed how to celebrate our 10 years of marriage, the choice obviously could not be other than Lake Garda as a location. An intimate celebration, only with your closest friends. They, our Friends, made everything even more magical and special ... The dresscode? Obviously the color Lilac. The mood? Fun.

Let the images speak, they perfectly tell the great Emotions, the tears and the Love that was breathed everywhere that day.

Thank you all.

Planner: Diana Da Ros - Photos: Diego Taroni  - Celebrant: Massi - Flowers: Alberto Menegardi - Diana's dress: Chiara Vitale Atelier Kore - Leone's outfit: Chiara Vitale Kids - Hairstyling: Alvise & Roberta - Chef: Roberto Abbadati - Stationery & Anniversary Cake and cookies: Loveday - Music: Uilli - Drinks: Nio cocktails

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A very special 40th Birthday Party

Each event must be unique and inimitable. Each event must have its own character, colors, flavors and unique emotions. And when the client is also a member of the family, in this case my brother Mauro, the challenge is even more stimulating. Starting from his two favorite colors, the Red and the Black, I proposed him an unusual theme, The Divine Comedy, and as the best frame of Enrico Bartolini's Mudec Restaurant, 2 Michelin Stars, to host this important event.

To welcome guests the angelic performance of a violinist to represent Paradise, followed by a dedicated station of Nio personalized Drinks and the numerous performances of a multifaceted artist including fire, stilts, portraits and red lights to represent Hell. The menu served at the table was obviously entirely inspired by Paradiso, Purgatorio and Inferno. As a centerpiece, the sculptures of the famous Paper Artist Sergio Massetti.

Every delicious dish of Chef Enrico Bartolini was presented by the actor Gianluca Iacono with readings taken from the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

The Jazzlag's musical notes accompanied the evening for 50 highly selected guests.

40 years is an important goal, it was a magical evening.

Happy Bday Brother!


Event Planner: Diana Da Ros
Dress Diana Da Ros: Chiara Vitale Atelier Kore Haute Couture
Location: MUDEC, Enrico Bartolini, Milan
Photo: Stefania Matteo

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